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Black Man, White Man

IG: @yourhijabiteacher

he was glowin

a man of melanin

proud of his skin

then came the White man

with a face full of hate

he beat him

he broke him

he spat in his face

told him he was dirty

humanity’s disgrace

the Black man smiled

he was not one to be beat

with pride and with love

he told the White man ‘no’

he knew he was worthy

for God told him so

the White man shook

for he knew he was right

and needed to feel mighty

so he led another fight

he hurt and he bruised

left the Black man in chains

he hunted and he killed

all out of contempt

for he knew the Black mans power

and made another attempt

year after year

the fight carried on

with the Black man’s voice rising

‘why not just get along’

it is now 2020

the Black man has not broke

he may have been hurt

for the White man stepped on his throat

but his voice is not silenced

as it echoes

through many an anecdote

we hear you say

we hear you cry

oh Black man,

we promise to try

to tame this man of White

takes the courage of a country

but the Black man did it

with none in solidarity

we now stand

we now rise

as the next and final tide

against the violence of the White man

we hear you,

oh man of melanin,

we hear you cry

By: @yourhijabiteacher

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