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Count Your Blessings

There is so much darkness in the world right now - lets spread hope by counting our blessings. Submit your own acrostic poem (BLESSINGS) today at beautyintheordinaryblog@gmail.com.

My Favourite Blessings

By: Zainab Nawaz

Blue birds singing Your praise

Light from Your sun, rising or setting

Ease with hardship, ease with hardship

Sunflowers blowing in the wind

Sounds of my loved one’s laughter

In pain, You are there. I find you there when my heart can’t handle the pain of life anymore.

Nights full of twinkling stars, guiding us lost ones on the journey through life

Glorifying Your name with the tongue and two lips You provided me with

Sweet tastes of the fruit You gifted us with

Those are my favourite blessings. What are yours?

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